sábado, 29 de março de 2014

A little about Friendship

Again excuse my absence: p Friends, because friends are unforgettable? There are two types of friends, the friends, who are real, the "friends" who are only your friends by choosing other.
I spent my whole life with false friends, suffer bullying is nine years these "friends" who say they are friends, and found only one person who liked me and never criticized me or spoke ill, and today she is my best friend that I consider sister, never fight until last year :/ but we are already talking about us again ^ ^ but after that, last year, I found two boys who could call best friends and I loved them both, but one I was talking more and other little ... Ai comes the holidays, they changed a lot and this year, the boy called best friend became an idiot and ignorant and never considered him my best friend, and try to forget that he has already been a great friend :/ But what I was talking little, that was my friend Also, this year became my best friend indeed, and today we are almost brothers and I love him and my sister more than anything in this world and yes, it was the change in my life, I found people who could Friends call and not "FRIENDS" as all were :D

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