segunda-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2014

Life Lessons

Increasingly life surprises me. Historically, all the people that contact me, loathed, fear, not like me, and many other things and of course we could not miss the famous "Bulliyng." Nowadays you do not have a lot of it but still a bit there, but do not care and just follow my life the way I like without connecting to people but it all made me become a negligible negative and where the only thoughts were of death and today I can say that I have a wonderful life, friends, and am one of the best directors of all the problems they have. I'm not bragging about it but for those who saw the deep darkness and saw it become the light does not believe. But only say that people who despised me in the past, made bullying and other things today, come to me, talk to me, became my friend but nothing is as "swimmingly", always have those disagreements to end all but a tip mine is, apologize, forgive and talk to your friend, not worth holding grudges, so if you have someone who hates so much, make that hatred become light and love and love your neighbor!
The moral is, you may have gone through everything, even though the fault of others, just make sure they reach you, get up, the forgive and continue its long road of life!
With that I thank my friends, who today live with me with no problem, but there is always some problems but nothing is perfect, but above all, I thank those who love as I am, who put up with me and will always be by my side, they are more than special and count them as brothers even knowing - the short-term, although the time, do not enter anything for showing true friendship is not the time but the love between friends!

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