sexta-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2014

My Thoughts

Life is full of challenges, of the easiest to the most difficult and always you will find it difficult to proceed. Many will be resolved, and various other forgotten will be impossible to solve. Man was made for error and make mistakes is natural gift of human beings, we should not judge who errs and or who does not make mistakes, we a
re all human, we should help us as a team, not destroy each other, I know that not every error is forgivable and agree that when it comes to a fatal error and icorrigível, that person must be brought to death but does not suit me punish someone. With all this, I mean not to judge someone with or without cause, just try, if possible, help the person even if not known, helping each other, we will make a better world to live and so may even end up many things Endless .
The moral is, do not judge not to be judged, the same as you do people can happen to you and know that you will not agree to be judged.

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