sábado, 24 de janeiro de 2015

A new vision for the world!

God created man and woman order to be similar, and gave them the same feelings, but never said or decreed that his feelings should be used in different ways, so who decreed and turned world order was the man himself. There is this woman is more sentimental and not man, if man is not to say that he is no longer man or anything. God gave all the same feelings, why should we use them in different ways? Show feelings for both genders does not mean interest in certain things, only shows that the person has feelings like every human being. If a man shows feelings for another man does not mean they are not men or a woman show feelings for someone they are not women, who says all this is you. This man dating man and woman dating woman does not fit it, because they took and feel proud of it, but there are out there, thousands of people who do not like the same sex, but who want to show their feelings to people.
Demonstrate feelings with others does not make you someone who is not you but turns you into a real human being!
Never judge without knowing what you do not know, because God knows the truth and you do not!

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