quinta-feira, 12 de fevereiro de 2015

A good tip to reflect

Good night my little world of beings lost, as they are?
Problems are still being resolved, so the posting of delay here, but soon all this is solved ... (I hope = /)
A tip for you, never cease to expose their ideas or opinions, even if they are ridiculous, silly, impossible or one of the worst that can shock the world, never hide. If it makes you lose friends, just goes to show that they were not true, for loyal friends respect your opinion even though the most absurd possible.
Today, I argued about the idea of people talking "bad words" so naturally and not accepted and criticized course, but ignored it and say this to you, ignore people with small and stingy ideas, these are selfish and can not handle the truth.
That's my tip now apologize for disappearing =)

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