sábado, 12 de setembro de 2015

Equality equally squared

Are the attitudes we see that demonstrate the real people
Today we find that a person using an inappropriate clothing is something wrong to us as if it were just pink for women and blue for men only.
I can say that clothes do not define a person, gestures, voice, words or anything justified or indicates that the person is something or not,
Our conscience accuses a person different from the other as an object of any ironic and offensive way, but in reality she is free to use and do whatever.
Prejudiced those who judge the sexual orientation of the people, our duty to respect all the choices, tastes and judgments of people even if not agreeing with the idea, we need new thinking and attitudes, not old ignorance and past ideas of militarism season or something more .
You have your rights, I have mine and they have their so are all the same. Respect your neighbor as you would yourself or you top judge, would swear or criticize?
Say no to selfishness and high guessing we have and expand our horizons to a new more humane and egalitarian worldview.

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