segunda-feira, 11 de abril de 2016

Be you, does not equal the "all"

The human being is absurd to end someone's life, you can not be happy because people will not leave. The bullliyng becomes the key to ruin lives literally and in the end you are wrong to try to get rid of it as those who practiced it becomes innocent.
I think the only way to be happy is hiding from everything and everyone, but if you want to become someone public, ignore the negative about you. While you remain standing is gay, lesbian, queer, different, etc., you will be subject to all, but remember, there are people on your side, not all are equal, no matter what you are or like, goeth support you, like you as you are and will not give up on you. You are not alone in the world, thousands are like you, there are friends that will support you to be happy with them and do not listen to anyone you fallen. The world is good, who spoils is the human being and in this world there are good people try to leave it, do not spoil. You do not follow this confusing others to be able to fit in, be yourself an hour appears who you want as well and this will not change.
People tend to try to be like the others not to suffer bullying because they are different, but a tip, being different makes you unique.
Review all your concepts, look at the people you really want to be like them? Or want to be someone different, new?
Whether you're above all, the comments about what you are or no longer suit you, people do not deserve their satisfaction about you.
And remember, you can be whatever, people will comment, whether good or not, the important thing is what you know about yourself and not what they say, because you know your truth and will not be invented comments will do you agree that this wrong.
PS: Photos are only illustrative without intention to offend anyone and the owners of the photos, I'm using your image, if they see me send message telling whether I can use, and if not, I take the picture.

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