domingo, 7 de maio de 2017

Changes explication!


Hello beings, good night,
This will be a post different from the others that will contain some things that I will explain.
Over time I realized that the purpose of this blog was to show a new line of thought that, who would read each line the person was imagining his life pass through them in order to realize that there are new ways to see the world and feel good with that, but I myself am seeing that from an idea of that level I ended up creating a negative, dark and maybe suicidal "world". Since the creation of the blog there was no thought at this level and it was just to create a blog to talk things I like, but I was gradually changing and today I create "texts" about my daily life in simple and often complex and confusing ways about my vision towards the world and people, but not wanting you to have the same vision but a new idea about me and your way of thinking and see what could be better for your personal life as for the others people if their way of life was something new and not the same.
With all this, I will immediately try to create texts in the same way as before, but with some good points so that there is something negative without solution but something negative that can be useful in some way to animate a person and not leave it there more negative, but since I do not have the habit of doing it, I will do it gradually and possibly it will be difficult for me to create positive ideas because I do not own them myself, but I will do my best to help everyone.
The idea of the blog is to help and not to hurt, we all have a different view of things, but in my view it is not quite like that and I am not saying that my vision is the only correct one and that everyone should follow and yes I am just saying that my point of view can be a differential to complete yours, think about it ... or not and indeed, change the repertoire of songs to make them a little more lively, not so good and most are games, but it goes to give an air more lively in everything and of course, whoever wants to put songs that they like here, just tell me the name by the chat or email, but do not send songs very long and not with many letters, I would like more just the sound of them, thank you .
Well, I think I put all the points I wanted to say and again I repeat: my thoughts are not to hurt even being negative, the idea is to show that the world can be different if we collaborate and I do not want them to get worse than things that are here, they just show that my world can be bad and then yours is better or that it might be better if you want.

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