quarta-feira, 13 de maio de 2015

Ethical issues

Good afternoon beings of my little world lost, as they are?
Well, today I come to tell you about ethical issues, may think it's silly, a waste of time or anything else, but I will talk anyway.
First I will start with respect, social as well as moral and everything. What would respect? Something merely said and not done or even said and done poorly or just anything, really respect was created so that mankind could with each other, get along in shares and have more access to a peaceful and more educated life without there may be fights or even deaths. So we can say that without respect there will be arguments and fights in which are unnecessary, nothing is resolved to fight even two people hate sitting and talking can find a viable solution. Then I tell them to be patient and talk without generating future crises that can lead to fatal circumstances.
Then I tell them of education, without it we would be nothing more than ignorant called "people", has education, anger moments end up making us lower the level as it and ended up talking hurtful things that are unnecessary. Humans have craze to create anything that affects each other and not to him, but when used against himself, begins to rage because could not stand the creation itself and begins. I know it's the natural human being cuss and use offensive words, but what about the idea of ​​using normal words that do not offend, and leave the person with better vocabulary, leaves it with a good reputation, even finding it bad, try to see how it will be better and if does not work, return to normal yours.
We can talk now of superiority ... Creatures ... people ... HUMANS, what world we live as to think that one is better than anyone, we are all the same, have the same ground, the same sky, the same life the same world, just change the paths and places in which we live, so do not think better or make someone feel less because you'll end up in the same place that person stop being under the earth, cremated, etc, think a little before to say something that might offend someone, you are not superior, it looks like it is, you're just an ignorant lifeless. I have said and I say again, if you hate to do something for fear of what society will think, you become stupid and ignorant enough to be influenced by anyone, being different is the best we have rather than puppet someone, grow, mature and realize that the world does not turn around, but all around.
Maybe this is the last for this post, I will talk about bullying ... This is the worst, you discriminating, tease, curse, if you think, think that saith, biased, sexist, feminist, etc etc etc are nothing but pure idiots being Demon dolls (or be the evil that exists in their religion), knock it because even spank or kill someone, you will not change anything, will not get anything but harm to your life. Bullying is something unnecessary, color does not mean anything, much less style, we are citizens of a world which is due to see equality, we are in this world crisis our fault it, we do not have the WHY to kill, steal, criticize, scold, badmouth, criticize, opine etc etc etc, have craze to criticize someone without knowing, be the joker to win "fame" and whenever we cause harm to someone even if not wanting.
Stop bullying, prejudice, be a conscious human being and help rather than hurt and if you do not want help, not help destroy it, because the world is not ending because of his problems, but the problems we create to him as "Being ignorant" will face a perfect world =)
Ps: This is not true for everyone, because there are many good people out there, but if some of what I said has affected you, it means that you are in this world and depends on you or not want to change!

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