sexta-feira, 8 de maio de 2015

Out of focus!

Good afternoon beings of my little world lost, as you can see by the title something is not fitting somewhere ... the goal. The goal of the blog is to post thoughts and ideas that can change the world in a simple way and without much difficulty, but I kind of posting things that do not relate to the theme and everything. I admit that in the blog first I had the idea to post thoughts, ideas and a lot of things, but also said he would be posting my daily life in a simple way and maybe fun, but I'm not doing anything that it (The God) .
But I try to return to the central focus doing with the blog to be better, and that more ideas and thoughts can encourage or even improve people some ideas that leave to be desired so to speak. By this I mean that they are not wrong, everyone thinks one way, but it is our duty to respect the other, without criticism, problems or confusion, just agreement and respect. I will not say what I do wrong and I am right, but I admit that I am in a world in which not fit me, I can not say it will be like when I'm out of the country, but if I'm here so I'll probably be so for out, then I do not fit in the world ... try to make people aware that the world can be better, and that you can not expect someone else, it all starts by what you see, it all starts with you. =)

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