sexta-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2015

Something of my brother (remail)

The wind brings me, in a light breeze crystalline memories that one day I thought I had forgotten ... and then I think the cycle of things, everything that a day goes back .. for the better or maybe to make you sad, but what matters is that one day all was good, and today does not make mistakes like they used to!
Today, we remember our dreams together, remember the clouds hearts smiled at us forming our names, remember the flowers that doçamente sharpen our earliest pleasures ... and looking at you, I see that in your eyes gentle, sincere and fixed in my look ... one day you said today say thee in silence this calm, simple moment, where two souls interact with our hearts and make us timid for all that is happening!
Ps: I do not know why he wants to read but here it is =)

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