sábado, 28 de fevereiro de 2015

Thought of the day

Why always complained of life?
Whenever we want something, we want this desire to be fulfilled as we think about it, we would be happy, but just not happening. Get angry, sad and want to take it out on something or just become silent to pass all. We are so cracked to want things when we can not wait as long for things to happen, we are impatient and sometimes this impatience makes us "ignorant" with everything and everyone.
Be sure to wait for the weather, good things can come and of course bad things too, that's life, with its ups and downs. If she were to stop being just easy or difficult not only would that challenge of wanting to live.
Expect what you want, do not call if you can not, but while waiting, do other things so that you are not stopped in time and leave a good part of your life go, because as we all know, we only have one and it's time to take !
This is being my tip of the day, "wait your goals, fight for them, but never give up to get it, life can bring you surprises, but at the same time woes, the fact is move on fighting and trying to get to so that both want "
And a second tip is, do not connect to people, if they want to help you, leave only those that trust, but trust no one, because life will bring you surprises relating to their "friendships"

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