quinta-feira, 5 de março de 2015

Thought 3 - To that be equal?

The phrase is "Never let people influence you, never listen. You have a way to go and tell you just to create your and not follow the other. Do what you think right, no matter what and never say give up anything when fall, get up and keep moving forward! "

Good afternoon beings of my little world lost, as they are?
One more of my thoughts, excuse the absence, I was kind of out of time and laziness also helped then already know right (laughs)
Just create your path without doing wrong, if you want to be different from everyone, be different not only speak and act like everyone else!
Not much to say about it as you can see on the photo itself is already explained everything, just reflect and see their acts related to your life and your world!
Ps: the photo has nothing to do but this cool =)

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